More on Humility

I was looking through my journal a couple of nights ago and I found this little tidbit that I had written last fall.

“Humility is a noble virtue; a true prize.

To gain it, you must deeply love Christ and all other people above yourself.

To keep it, you must practice it always [without ceasing].

Always search for ways to show humility.

The dictionary says the humility is humbleness; a modest view of one’s [puny] importance.

If we are to be humble [as children of God], then we must practice humble works! Scrub floors and toilets; do dishes and fold laundry! And whilst you are in the midst of these things, the Lord will show you the way to humility.

God bless!



I thought it might be a good idea to post this chapter from the book Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis. This is from part 3, chapter 14, and it is the prayer of a humble disciple.

“You thunder your judgements over me, Lord, and all my bones quake with fear and trembling,and my soul is terribly afraid.I stand stunned and consider that the heavens are not pure in your sight. If you found corruption inthe angels and you did not spare them, what will happen to me? The stars of heaven fell, and what can I, who am but dust, think will happen to me? Those whose works seemed praiseworthy have fallen to the depths, and I see those who ate the bread of angels delighting in pig slop!”

“There is no holiness, Lord, if you withdraw your hand, no wisdom if you cease to govern, no courage if you cease to save, no chastity if you do not protect it, no watchfulness if your holy vigilance is missing. If you abandon us, we sink and perish, but if you visit us, we are raised up and live. Why, we are trembling, but through you we are strengthened; we are lukewarm, but by you we are set ablaze.”

“Oh, how humble and lowly I ought to feel about myself, and even if I seem to have goodness, I ought to think nothing about it. Oh, how deeply I ought to submit myself to your unfathomable judgements, Lord, where I find myself to be nothing but nothing, absolutely nothing. O measureless weight! O impassable sea! I peer deep within myself and I find nothing but total nothingness.”

“So where can pride hide? Where is confidence born of virtue? All empty boasting is swallowed up  in the depths of your judgement over me. What am I- or any of us- in your sight? Shall the clay boast against he who formed it? How can a person whose heart is in true harmony with God become swollen with pride? If your whole hope were fixed on God, and you were to live your whole life for him alone, nothing in this world could inflate your pride or flatter your vanity. All those whose smooth tongues speak empty praise are nothing in themselves, for they will fade away with the sound of their own voices, but the truth of the lord endures forever.”

I started reading this book a while after I found it my mom’s office. It has 144 chapters, and coincedentally when I found it, there were 144 days left in the year! So I started reading a chapter each morning and meditating on that reading throughout the day. It is possibly the best book I have ever read, and I hope you like this chapter as much as I do. 

God bless you all!

Update: I posted more about humility here.