Post-Synod Analysis

The Synod is finished, thanks be to God!  The fallout and response is somewhat varied though, and the overall outcome is yet to be seen.

The first bit of analysis that I read was on Sunday morning. Christine Niles’ article at Church Militant basically sunk most of my hopes, but then later in the day, I saw this from the Catholic News Agency, saying that the final report backs Church teaching. On Facebook, I found this jewel from Fr. Martin, SJ:

I was very disappointed by this today. One question at this morning’s press conference, by Thomas J. Reese, SJ, exposed a serious flaw in the Synod on the Family, and an instance of clear sexism. While before I had thought that ordination was a prerequisite for voting at the Synod (and one could make that theological argument: it was a synod of bishops, and priests participate in the ministry of the bishop through the sacrament of holy orders), today I learned that Brother Herve Janson, a member of the Little Brothers of Jesus, also had voting rights. That is, he is not ordained. That is, his canonical status is technically that of a layman or laywoman. Thus, ordination was not a prerequisite for voting. So where were the women religious who had voting rights, where were the laymen with voting rights, and where were the laywomen with voting rights? (If you follow the link you can see the exchange on video.)

This was a huge missed opportunity for the Synod, and it goes against Pope Francis’s explicit desire, as stated in “Evangelii Gaudium,” to have more women in leadership roles.

Trust me, man, you would NOT want a woman like me at the Synod. Can you please get off the equality bandwagon for once and focus on something of substance?

On Twitter, apparently he had this: martin

One Mad Mom dishes on that here. Go Mad Mom!

So I clicked over to Fr. Z’s blog (you know he HATES Vatican II 😉 ) to try and get some balanced review on the Synod. If you’re still looking for some, I strongly urge you to read his latest posts.  This one was particularly good, especially if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan.

Rorate Caeli had some good observations, as well as the Catholic News Service’s interview with Cardinal Pell here.

A more hopeful but still realistic view is over at Catholicism Pure. Originally from Fr. Ed Tomlinson, the post contains more exhortations to pray, fast, and stay faithful to the Church, as well as practical things we can do.

The articles which I found the most “to the point” were from Steve Skojec at 1Peter5. If you have the time to read it, check out “No, the “Conservatives” did not “win”.  Strong commentary there.

Pray for the Holy Father. Please.



Setting successful goals

I am terrible at setting goals. I can make to-do lists galore and simply end up crumpling them up at the end of the week while saying, “Well, I don’t really need to do that,” and it simply doesn’t get done. However, I have found a way to change that.

Over the past few weeks I have been listening to podcasts by this wonderful fellow named Dr. Taylor Marshall. In each podcast he gives (among other things) a tip that will help you to be more productive or just improve your life in general. In one of the podcasts he suggested just making a few goals for every day. You write down one or two things to do in the morning and one or two things to do in the afternoon. This is how I write mine out.

Jan. 23


( ) Sew on quilt

( ) Practice 30 min. of piano


( ) Do catechism with kids

And that’s it. Just a few things each day and I can say that doing this has definitely improved my life. Why? Because it helps you to focus on the most important tasks and then when they are finished you have time to focus on other things. So if you want to improve your productivity, I suggest you try this.

Until next time, God bless!