Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Bernadette Soubirous

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February 11th is the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes! Don’t forget 😉 Heres a bit of background on Our Lady of Lourdes.

The first of the eighteen apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the humble Bernadette took place on February 11th, 1858. On March 25th, when Bernadette asked the beautiful lady her name, she replied: “I am the Immaculate Conception.” The devotion of people in all parts of the world to Our Lady of Lourdes, together with the countless miracles that have been wrought through her intercession, has caused one of the most marvelous regenerations in the history of the Church.

Onto Saint Bernadette Soubirous.

Saint Marie Bernadette Soubirous was born at Lourdes in 1844. At 14 years of age she witnessed eighteen apparitions of Our Blessed Lady at Lourdes, instructing her to make known the miraculous healing powers which the Blessed Virgin, by her presence, would give to the waters at Lourdes.

In 1866 St. Marie Bernadette Soubirous joined the Sisters of Charity at Nevers, taking her perpetual vows in 1878. Her contemporaries admired her humility and the authentic character of her testimony about the appearance of the Blessed Virgin.

She died in 1879 at the age of 35.

Well, now you know a bit more about Saint Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes. Enjoy your day, and God bless!!!

Author’s note: The stories of Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Bernadette are taken from Lives of the Saints, 1977. They do have the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur.

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