Spring is here!

Spring is finally here!

Well, sort of.

We still have lots of snow outside, but the weather should be nice this week and that should clear it up.

My apologies for the lengthy absence. I truly was busy. Baby bunnies were born almost three weeks ago, and a thousand day-old broiler chicks arrived on Thursday. Although we didn’t hatch the chicks on our own, we did have to “dip” them. Since chicks don’t know how to drink by themselves, we need to take each one of them and dip their beak in the waterer to teach them how to drink. So I dipped roughly three hundred, Mom dipped about five hundred, and my brother did the rest. Good times.

In the months of May and June, schools will often book farm tours for some of their classes to come out and see the animals. Last year we had a few hundred kids visit the farm in just those two months! In July and August, there are summer camps that my siblings and I attend. As you can imagine, it gets pretty busy, so you can expect another period of absence in blogging. I might be able to swing a couple of 11:30 blogging nights, but I’m not too sure yet.

Also, exciting news! Dr. Taylor Marshall’s blog, Canterbury Tales, is coming to WordPress! His posts are fantastic, his use of analogy is witty, and he is frequently listed on Big Pulpit’s list of blogs. His blog will most certainly be on my list of blogs to follow and I’ll post a link as soon as its up and running.

Have a great week, and God bless!