On Joy


Joy is beautiful, isn’t it? To see a person’s face,¬†beginning to smile and their eyes to¬†light up with absolute, sheer joy is a marvelous sight. But how exactly do we define joy?

christina sawchuk

I used to think of joy and happiness synonymously, but now I tend to think of joy as a happiness that springs from the divine. Joy is a gift of God, to awaken greater hope and faith within us.

garden shed after rain

Joy is an essential part of the New Evangelisation, both within and outside the Church. We encourage one another with hopeful smile, even though the battle of good and evil is ever-present. Divinely inspired joy re-energizes us and gives us strength to carry on the fight.

capitol by night

By our joy, people become curious and demand to know the reason for it. This is a chance to be a witness; an opportunity for them to be drawn closer to the faith we profess and the truths we believe.

christina sawchuk book and beach

Are you lacking joy today?

sunflowers on my windowsill

More on joy at Integrated Catholic Life. Enjoy!


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