A Better Lent Than Last Year

Over at The Catholic Gentleman, Mr. Guzman has a post on 7 Ways To Have A Good Lent. Check it out, cause it is solid awesomeness. Also on that page is a link for a worksheet, which can help you make goals and give things up for a truly holy Lent. They fall under three categories: voluntary amendment of life, acts of penance, and works of charity.

I won’t share the other things that I’m giving up, but the voluntary amendment of life part will be this:  I am giving up all internet for Lent. As each month passes, I find myself moaning over something Pope Francis said, cheering for something that Fr. John Zuhlsdorf wrote (he is pretty darn awesome), or sharing yet another article about the Traditional Latin Mass on Facebook (I do this a LOT).  It is good to know what is going on in the Catholic world, and what new challenges there are for the Church Militant to face; I find this to be important and usually edifying. There are a lot of wonderful resources out there. But as I said last week in a conversation with a friend of mine, “I need a break from all of it.  Sometimes I think it is better for me not to know what is going on, and to simply place it all in God’s hands.” He responded, “Indeed.  Often, it is better for us to do penance and practice submitting ourselves to the Will of God. This helps us to rely on Him and become holy.”

I want this Lent to be a time of spiritual renewal and growth. I want to make it more challenging than last year so that I am forced to give myself over to God more and more each day. This is a time for a lot of self-improvement and character development. Instead of spending time on the computer, I will be reading The Imitation of Christ for a second time, learning some Gregorian chant, praying the Stations of the Cross, and practising just being in the presence of God.  Oh yes, and that Mozart…..

So that is what I am doing. There will be no blog post from me in March, but I’ll be back in April. May God bless you, and may you have a holy Lent!


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