Why there should be no such thing as a Traditional Catholic

Or for that matter, liberal Catholic, charismatic Catholic, or any of the other labels that Catholics these days give to themselves.

The word “catholic” means universal, but why does the Church today seem so divided? In almost any given parish you’ll have Catholics who are somewhat charismatic and some who lean towards the traditional side. You’ll have some who practice NFP and others who use artificial birth control. You’ll have some who want to be holy and others who just want to be good. This seems wrong. If we really are the universal Church, then shouldn’t we be, I don’t know, maybe more “universal”? When Catholics need to put an adjective in front of their religion just to describe what they believe, you know something isn’t quite right.
In this post I don’t want to pose the question, “Why is it like this?”, but I want to simply point out that as the universal Church, we should be more united in practice and belief. Take these two pictures as an example.


These are both considered Catholic Masses.
In my humble opinion, we need to stop focusing on the “feeling” of unity and become more united in actual belief and practice of our holy Faith. A new evangelization and conversion needs to happen within the Church before we can focus on the evangelization of the world. God bless you all.


5 thoughts on “Why there should be no such thing as a Traditional Catholic

  1. The Crisis of Bishops and parents have created this problem. Many have failed to teach and pass on the faith. Where many parents failed, the bishops enabled them by not standing by the Truth and Traditions of the Church.

    • I agree. I simply chose not to point out all of the problems that have led to this one and left the readers to draw their own conclusion based on what is presented here. Thank you for your comment, and God bless you!

  2. I have had this discussion with my parents. They do not like having to choose and study each and every Catholic church they go to based on what type of congregation they have (and what type of music they have).

    I almost long to see the days of pre-vatican II when you knew what kind of Mass you were going to, no matter where it was… and maybe there will end up being a revolution in regards to that all. I hate feeling like I am having a Dem vs Rep political battle with people in the same type of church, because they don’t believe things should be done a certain way. I just want one same church that is full of history and is it’s own self, and maybe once that happens… people will come back…

    • I understand that. I wish that there was more of a return to the Traditional Mass as well because I truly believe more would come home if it were there. Instead the Mass is being “modernized” and watered down, and just like that, all the greatness and strength of the Catholic faith goes down the drain.

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