Palm Sunday!


Its a beautiful frosty Palm Sunday here in Alberta! We got a sizable dump of snow here in the past couple of days, and this morning the sunlight and frost on the trees truly makes you want to say, “Hosanna!”

This morning, our family went to Mass together. As usual for Palm Sunday, there is always at least one kid who feels the need to wave their palm around during Mass. Just by chance, the palms are long enough that the bigger people get poked in the eye  quite a bit. Ah well, I guess when Jesus said to let the children come, he really did mean all of them!

This week I started reading Micheal Coren’s book Heresy: The ten lies they spread about Christianity. Its a great book that refutes popular myths like these (you’ve probably heard of a few) : Christians supported slavery, Jesus never existed, Hitler was a Christian, Christians oppose science and progress, etc.,etc. And yes, this book talks about the Da Vinci Code, too.  This book is a great read for anyone who wants to know how to respond when a friend or acquaintance is attacking the Faith. Plus, if you like Heresy, you might like Why Catholics are Right, also by Micheal Coren.

One week until Easter! If you gave up something for Lent, it will all be over next week. Or will it? Did you make a habit of staying away from the object that you gave up? Did you learn better self-control? Most importantly, did it bring you closer to Christ?

This year for Lent, my mom got me started on a weight loss and healthy eating program, in addition to 30+ minutes of exercise each day. At first I hated it, especially the exercise part (I have yet to find an exercise that I like, so for now I am walking on the treadmill)and this is why: I don’t want exercise to be my idol. I understand that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and we need to take care of them; however, I don’t want to focus on having a hot, gorgeous body here on earth if my soul will be starving from lack of prayer. So I decided to try combining prayer and exercise. It worked! I found that I can pray 5 decades of the Rosary in just under 30 minutes, or 10 decades in 40 minutes!

As for the healthy eating part, I have learned how to show more self-control when I am stressed or bored. Often I eat when I become stressed or bored (some people pace the floor, others bite their nails; I eat). So I came up with some activities to do instead of eating: play piano, go for a walk, crochet, sew, clean the kitchen, fold laundry, or clean the bathroom. Since the beginning of Lent, I have learned to show self-control in addition to losing 10 pounds 😉

Well, time for me to get off the computer. I started a tradition of sewing Easter dresses for two of my sisters every year. I am just finishing the skirt with one of them and I am pinning the skirt and bodice together on the other one. I am hoping to have them done in time for Easter, so I really need to get to work on them.

God bless!

“There is a ‘right’, a ‘wrong’, and a world that tries to blur the line.” Micheal Coren, Why Catholics are Right


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