We have a new pope!!!!!

To be perfectly honest, when I heard about the new pope, the first thing I thought of was the Veggietales movie Esther: the girl who became queen. I was thinking of the part when the announcer was on stage with her and after the king gives him the thumbs up, he says, “Oh, we have a new queen!”

Okay, so I’m not entirely sure why I thought of that, but moving on…………….;)

So here are a few firsts with Pope Francis: firstly, he’s the first pope ever to be named Francis (hey, at least he didn’t pick Peter the Roman). He is also the first pope from South America and the first Jesuit pope. In 2005, he received the second most votes in the conclave that elected our former pope Benedict XVI. Pope Francis is strongly pro-life and he denounced abortion as “a death sentence” for the unborn. He is known among the cardinals for his humility.  During his time as an archbishop in Argentina, he lived in a simple apartment, cooked his own meals, and took the bus to work! He upholds all of the Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality, gay “marriage”, and euthanasia, so now the liberal media can begin weeping over their lost chance to have a liberal pope……;)

Pope pic Let us pray for our pope, Francis I!


Well, the Catholic blogosphere is going to get crazy with new posts about Pope Francis I. And why on earth he isn’t the Petrus Romanus that so many have been hoping for. And jokes about “Papa Frankie the First”. And blog posts like mine that are basically just re-reciting the facts…….

Yawn. 10:23 PM. Time for bed.

God bless everyone!


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