A novena for Pope Benedict XVI

On Monday morning, I was on Catholic Answers Forum reading the latest updates. Funny thing was, there were a ton of posts on that particular morning about Pope Benedict XVI. Upon looking into it, I learned that he was resigning! Now thats certainly something you don’t see everyday (I think that last Pope to resign was roughly 600 years ago).

Later that day, I found a novena website where many Catholics are joining together in prayer for Pope Benedict. So far there are 37,437 people who have signed up to pray this novena, but the site says that if they can get 50,000 people to pray this novena, the website’s manager is going to write a letter to the Holy Father telling him of this “retirement gift” that the people have given him. If you want to join, you can go to www.praymorenovenas.com and make sure you sign up by Tuesday, February 19th. They basically send you an email each day with the prayers that need to be prayed on that day.

I certainly hope that all of these prayers will bless the Holy Father, as well as his successor. God bless!!

~”There are no half-saints; you must be a whole saint or no saint at all.” Saint Therese of Lisieux~


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