Friends, Peace, and God

First thing: as a homeschooler whose family is incredibly busy, I don’t have too many friends. I mean, I could probably count on one hand the number of good, Catholic friends that I have. The past few days, I started thinking that my lack of good friends could cause problems. The thoughts running through my stupid, puny head were something along the lines of, “Christina, if you don’t get more friends who you can share your problems, trials, troubles, worries, and anxieties with, you will end up depressed in a little box, crying your eyes out. Christina, are you even paying attention?!? Helloooo?!?!”

So it was a rather one-sided conversation with myself. What did I do next? Well, first I told myself to shut up and behave. Then, my head was quiet for a couple of days and it calmed down. Now comes the funny part (this is the part when God steps in to save the day :).

This morning, I was reading Imitation of Christ, Part 3, Chapter 42 and I found this:

That Peace Does Not Depend Upon Other People 

JESUS: My dear friend, if your peace depends only on a mutual love and friendship with another person, your roots will be tangled and shallow. But if you can turn to the ever-living and deep-rooted truth, you will not be grieved when a friend must leave you or when he dies.

The love of a friend should be rooted in me. No matter how good he appears to be or how much you care for him in this life, he should be loved for my sake. Without me, friendship is neither strong nor lasting, nor is it a true or pure love unless I am the bond.

All human affection and friendship is a reflection of the love that I have for you; you should not want any other kind. True friendship is a gift; it takes root in your own heart, and the more you probe its depths, the higher you ascend to God. Friendship is a grace, and it should be nurtured with humility and love. Be thankful for it, and the Holy Spirit will continue to bless you.

Be careful not to let your friendships stand in the way of your love for me. It is easy to place your friends first and God second; looking at created things, it is easy to lose sight of the Creator. In your friendships, as in all other things, always place God first, as the source and font of all that is good.

 Doesn’t God have a terrific way of getting the point across? That was exactly what I needed! It shows that rather than searching for people to talk to, I can always talk to God. Plus, (as an added bonus) I don’t need to worry about a friend’s personal opinion interfering with the matter that I am struggling with, because God always knows what is best and His opinion is the best and only one to follow. So now, rather than vent all of problems to a friend, I will tell God what my problems are and I can trust that He will always find a solution.

Blessed be the Lord, for He has heard the sound of my pleading;

the Lord is my strength and my shield.

In Him my heart trusts, and I find help; then my heart exults, and with my song I give Him thanks.

Psalm 28:6-7


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