Me: A part-time mom?!?!

One thing that I forgot to mention on my About page is that I’m a part-time mom. Yes, thats right, a part-time mom.

Since my Mom works two days/week, and Dad is often outside constructing a two-storey bed and breakfast (more on that later), that leaves me as mother, babysitter, cook, baker, house-cleaner, and laundry folder for 5 kids. Ugh.

This morning’s hassle: the girl-song boy-song debate.

How this works: if there is a pop song that is sung by a male artist, and one of my sisters starts to sing it, then one of the boys will yell,”BOY SONG!!!” Then the two year old girl will say,”NO! GIRL SONG!!”



This morning it escalated to the point that 8 year old Rebekah burst into tears because her 12 year old brother Steven was yelling at her. How do I, a 14 year old “mother”, deal with this? Sigh.

First, I called Dad on his cell phone (thank God for the person who invented the cell phone). Dad talked to Steven and told him to quit antagonizing his sisters. Then, I called Mom at work, and put her on speaker phone so that all the kids could hear her. She told them that if they have enough energy for fighting, then they have enough energy for pulling dead plants out of the garden. Aaaah, the wisdom of my mother.

Anyways, after that problem was solved, I thought about folding the 5 baskets of laundry that await me upstairs. Just when I was about to go upstairs, Naomi (the two year old girl) started screaming in the spare room. Turns out she snapped her finger in the mouse trap.

And its only 11:02 AM. Sigh. 🙂


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